Filter Fab Manufacturing Corporation

FilterFab C-Series Filters Remove Liquid Droplets,
Liquid Slugs and Dry Particles from Natural Gas Lines

Many gas lines have oil and water in mist or droplet form that, along with solid contaminants such as pipe scale, dirt, and rust, will damage or even destroy your downstream equipment. Use a Filterfab C-Series Coalescing Filter, and you will remove all forms of moisture and dry contamination, lengthening the life of your equipment and saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

C-Series Dry Filters have:

  • 4 different closure styles. FilterFab has designed its lid closures to make filter element changeout as easy and as fast as possible. 2" thru 6" line sizes in 285 psi ratings use a quick-opening swing-bolt lid or blind flange, while larger and higher pressure filters incorporate a blind flange with lifting lug or a lifting davit. Optional threaded high-pressure closures are also available.
  • 3 pressures (MAOP). Available in 285, 740 and 1480 psi.
  • 7 common line sizes. Choose from 2" to 12". Custom sizes to 24" available.
  • A wide range of flowrates. 18,000 to 17,000,000 scfh.
  • Proprietary Coalescing Filter Cartridge. FilterFab's C-Series coalescing filters use a proprietary reverse-flow, radially-finned, high surface area filter cartridge unlike those used by any of our competitors. These cartridges are built with layers of borosilicate fiberglass sandwiched into layers of felted polyester media to remove 99.9% of all liquid droplets, fogs, and mists, plus all particulate matter down to 0.3-microns in size.

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C-Series Coalesing Filter
C-Series Coalesing Filter
  • Build a FilterFab C-Series Part Number

    To choose the correct FilterFab model for your application, start by building a part number. You will need to know line size and pressure rating. See this example:

    C-Series Build Chart
  • Now check the model number you have determined above against the flowchart below to make sure that your choice will handle the flowrate of your application.

    These flowrates are based on 1-1/2 psi pressure drop up to 150 psi; 3 psi for higher line pressures.

    FLOWRATE in SCFH for C-Series Filters

    Line Pressure in PSI

    Model Number 1/4 5 25 50 100 150 250 500 750 1000 1200 1400
    C2 17900 20000 38700 48000 65300 79800 175M 240M 295M 400M 465M 546M
    C3 33000 42900 85000 98000 150M 182M 400M 575M 665M 850M 990M 1.1MM
    C4 58000 85000 147M 155M 266M 330M 680M 920M 1.4MM 1.8MM 2.1MM 2.3MM
    C6 168M 190M 350M 390M 637M 770M 1.4MM 1.9MM 2.2MM 2.8MM 3.5MM 3.9MM
    C8 280M 345M 540M 700M 1.1MM 1.4MM 2.5MM 3.5MM 4.2MM 5.6MM 7.0MM 7.7MM
    C10 385M 636M 770M 1.3MM 1.8MM 2.1MM 4.2MM 5.3MM 6.3MM 8.4MM 9.8MM 12MM
    F10 550M 910M 1.1MM 1.9MM 2.6MM 3.0MM 6.0MM 7.5MM 9.0MM 12MM 14MM 17MM
    C12 600M 840M 1.5MM 1.8MM 2.8MM 3.4MM 6.2MM 7.7MM 9.8MM 12MM 15MM 17MM

    swipe left to see the whole table.

Choose a Style

Now look at the styles below the flowrate chart to see the standard body and closure style of your filter. Choose whether to print a hard copy in either Adobe .pdf or AutoCAD .dwg format. To download a .pdf or dwg file, right-click on a link and select "Save Target As..."

Blind Flange with Lifting Lug

PSI Line Size Model Number Dimensions
(A x B x C x F)
Filter Element Downloads
285 8" C8-285F 65" x 18" x 33" x 28" 2054k907 PDF | DWG
740 2" C2-740F 40" x 12" x 18" X 17" 422 PDF | DWG
740 3" C3-740F 50" x 15" x 21" x 18" 425 PDF | DWG
740 4" C4-740F 60" x 18" x 29" x 20" 415 PDF | DWG
1480 2" C2-1480F 41" x 12" x 18" x 17" 422 PDF | DWG
1480 3" C3-1480F 51" x 15" x 21" x 18" 425 PDF | DWG
1480 4" C4-1480F 61" x 18" x 29" x 20" 415 PDF | DWG

Blind Flange with Lifting Lug

Blind Flange with Lifting Davit

PSI Line Size Model Number Dimensions
A x B x C x F
Filter Element Downloads
285 10" C10-285F 86" x 24" x 46" x 32" (2)2070K907 PDF DWG
285 12" C12-285F 96" x 24" x 48" x 40" (2)2083K907 PDF DWG
740 6" C6-740F 62" x 20" x 28" x 24" 2035k907 PDF DWG
740 8" C8-740F 72" x 18" x 33" x 28" 2054K907 PDF DWG
740 10" C10-740F 87" x 24" x 46" x 32" (2)2070K907 PDF DWG
740 10" F10-740F 61" x 45" x 32" (2)2070K5 PDF DWG
740 12" C12-740F 96" x 24" x 48" x 40" (2)2083K907 PDF DWG
1480 6" C6-1480F 62" x 20" x 28" x 24" 2035K907 PDF DWG
1480 8" C8-1480F 72" x 18" x 33" x 28" 2054K907 PDF DWG

 Blind Flange with Lifting Davit

Blind Flange with Hydraulic Davit

PSI Line Size Model Number Dimensions
A x B x F
Filter Element Downloads
1480 10" C10-1480F 87" x 24" x 46" x 32" (2)2070K907 PDF DWG
1480 12" C12-1480F 97" x 24" x 48" x 40" (2)2083K5 PDF DWG
Legs or ring bases are optional on both housings above.

Blind Flange with Hydraulic

  • We Love Special Designs!

    Are there any special design changes we can make to the standard unit you have chosen to help you fit into a tight space, remove a particularly stubborn contaminant, resist a high temperature, or simply make your job easier? Email a sketch of your requirement as an Adobe PDF or an AutoCAD DWG file. We will contact you with our suggestions. FilterFab started in business in 1983 by building special designs, so you can count on us to find a solution to your unique problem.

  • Call 724-643-4000 or email a FilterFab Sales Representative to find out more about pricing, delivery lead time, optional equipment, or special design requirements. You may also want to visit our Contact Us page or send us a Request for Quotation.

  • Housings are designed and built to ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1 specifications by Section IX certified welders but not U-Code stamped without an extra charge.